Celebrating an Anniversary in Hawaii

The first time I went to Hawaii, I stayed in a budget hotel as it was all I could afford after the flight cost. The second time was for my honeymoon, and we stayed at a resort. That was nice, but I wanted to make my third trip to Hawaii different. I wanted a private rental home, mainly because it was not just the two of us anymore. I did a search for name of Hawaii Big Island so I could find a vacation rental home that would be big enough for my wife and I, our two children, and her parents.

Though this was a family vacation, the main reason for it was to help her folks celebrate 40 years of marriage. We were hitting 20 years ourselves, and we knew that we owed that to their example of what a marriage should be. When we told them and the kids, everyone was excited. That was something that grew into even more excitement when I showed them all where we were going to stay. The private rental is away from everything, but we still had access to the resort, which was a nice bonus.

We also had so much available right at the home. The view of the ocean was spectacular, but that was just the beginning. Everyone had a gorgeous room with a great view, a private bath, and a large TV. Outside, there was a private pool, an outdoor spa, a gym, and much more. The kitchen was a dream for my wife and her mother, and having a chef come in two nights while we were there to make us a meal was something they still talk about to this day. It was the perfect vacation, and I am hoping that we can do something similar to celebrate their next anniversary too!