You've NEVER Heard of this AMAZING Computer – Compulab Airtop 3 Review

  • Published: 18 June 2019
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    The Compulab Airtop 3 is completely passively cooled while sporting an Intel i9-9900K and an Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000... sounds toasty. Have Compulab actually managed to keep it cool?

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Comments • 2 132

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips   4 weeks back

    Save 10% at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LTTJune at

    • King Andrew
      King Andrew  3 weeks back

      You guys have amazingly skilled editors and you shouldn't be using Premiere. The edits look like crap. Have you ever tried Vegas? It's so much better and has GPU accelerated exporting. Premiere is a joke. Literally doesn't even have proper clip-to-clip fades, it looks terrible.

    • Notzach
      Notzach  3 weeks back

      I really wish i could meet you some day Linus because i have learned soo many different things from you videos such as SLI, and you really did motivate me in learning soo much more about computers, i even helped my friend pick out parts for his next desktop. Btw, i Think you are hilarious when you are building a pc with a guest.

    • MrD3rpGaming
      MrD3rpGaming  4 weeks back


    • nigling
      nigling  4 weeks back

      can i still pick up the old 1060 Airtop2 for reduced price?

  • Andrew Bedford
    Andrew Bedford  4 hours back

    That is astounding, thats all I can say really.

    • Bender the Offender
      Bender the Offender  5 days back

      This compulab should be the standard for cooling and upgrade-ability for desktops.

      • ajbfwb
        ajbfwb  5 days back

        2:49 I thought maybe you were expressing solidarity with Matt Lauer, the disgraced NBC dipshit they canned a coupla years back.

        • John Kon
          John Kon  6 days back

          I have a 3k budget for a new work/game station but, I would do 3500 for this. Hope there's a Ryzen 3rd gen model coming though. Even at the same price, should have 64gb memory included!

          • Brett Schmitz Stream
            Brett Schmitz Stream  7 days back

            Make a video explaining main differences between rtx 4000 and rtx 2080 and generally what an rtx 4000 is used for

            • IKO Ledvina
              IKO Ledvina  1 weeks back

              Where's thunderbolt? :<

              • leo myers
                leo myers  1 weeks back


                • CalculatinGenius
                  CalculatinGenius  1 weeks back

                  If i saw this thing and didnt know what it was, i would have thought it was a low power server or something, not a core i9 and quadro capable of pumping hundreds of frames

                  • Andrew Stearns
                    Andrew Stearns  1 weeks back

                    Any idea how this would perform on data science type workflow? This thing looks pretty slick.

                    • Francisco Viper Díaz
                      Francisco Viper Díaz  2 weeks back


                      • Friedrich Lee
                        Friedrich Lee  2 weeks back

                        Compulab: exists

                        Beefy air cooler: aM I A jOKe To yOu?

                        • Michael Fisher
                          Michael Fisher  2 weeks back

                          designed by a cat

                          • btje vtje
                            btje vtje  2 weeks back

                            Why does he keep saying 'lauwer'🤣 thats dutch for lukewarm

                            • Andy Jones
                              Andy Jones  2 weeks back

                              It's a super cool pc no doubt, but honestly I'm more interested in the engineering behind it. To have designed and made such a small form factor pc and yet still keep the main components easily accessible, I can't even begin to imagine how many hours of work was put into the design.

                              To the engineers at Compulab who worked on this beautiful machine, seriously well done!

                              • Compulab
                                Compulab  2 weeks back

                                Thank you for your kind words. It took about 3 years of research and development to make Airtop1. Then another year of optimization for Airtop2 (squeezing more DDR slots and improving the HDD cartridge mechanism and create a dedicated thermal zone for storage devices). Airtop3 took another year - improving power delivery to support Core-i9 and researching advanced thermal interface materials to increase thermal headroom.

                            • DSM DALLAS 2
                              DSM DALLAS 2  2 weeks back

                              This would be stupid cool in an RV or VAN rigs etc. WOW

                              • DSM DALLAS 2
                                DSM DALLAS 2  2 weeks back

                                WOW! Nice

                                • VPXM
                                  VPXM  2 weeks back

                                  $3500?!... and you only get one graphics card, and no expandability?
                                  I hate commercials.
                                  Another fun fact. Most "scientists" I know, are some of the poorest people on this planet.

                                  • VPXM
                                    VPXM  2 weeks back

                                    Cool idea. Fun fact. In ten years, your big rig will probably still run fine. The other, will turn into a pancake, from constant daily "80c" heat. But hey, some people can afford switching their PCs every couple of years.

                                    • 송J1N洪
                                      송J1N洪  2 weeks back

                                      Once I finish Senior High school and finish college and once I get my first decent paycheck in the point that I can sustain myself decently, I am legit buying this machine straight up, and I bet by that time (Around 2025-2027) the specs are gonna be even more-amazing, if I could I would buy this, it's fanless, it's engineered well and built well, and it outpaces it's weight class by so much, and I was blown away by the fact that it was ONLY $3500, like seriously, I could buy a new Mac Pro and get half the performance and worse cooling and less ports and less upgradability at around that cost.

                                      I can see this machine powering loads of offices around the world.

                                      • Ian Oliver
                                        Ian Oliver  2 weeks back

                                        I have heard of it, if you count the previous version. It was actually exactly what I expected this video to be about from the title!

                                        • Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage

                                          5:00 ~ I hope to be wrong. But that will be future cutting edge for decades. #NTSM, #ISO anyone, anyone?

                                          • hateeternalmaver
                                            hateeternalmaver  2 weeks back

                                            Just when it started to sound interesting you mentioned the price... x_x
                                            Of course... why wouldn't it... xD

                                            • fellpower
                                              fellpower  2 weeks back

                                              Why this passive stupidity is there anymore? The Fans are soo cheap and quiet this time. And IF u break something, u have to pay for special boards and so on, soooo muuuuch money.

                                              Yeah, if u earn millions a year, like Linus - its nothing.....

                                              • Silverbreaker
                                                Silverbreaker  3 weeks back

                                                ...and i thought that you have in canada plenty of space available

                                                • Tim
                                                  Tim  3 weeks back

                                                  Put a fan on it and overclock lol

                                                  • Adam Zawadzki
                                                    Adam Zawadzki  3 weeks back

                                                    THE PRICE IS JUST CRAZY, why pay that much better off building just a normal gaming pc

                                                    • CamoAssassin00
                                                      CamoAssassin00  3 weeks back

                                                      Smaller is not better, end of

                                                      • Classic Faz
                                                        Classic Faz  3 weeks back

                                                        Just wait till the Chinese get their hands on this!

                                                        • MultiWirth
                                                          MultiWirth  3 weeks back

                                                          That looks like an Thinclient but it isn´t lol

                                                          • Flufflebut
                                                            Flufflebut  3 weeks back

                                                            Man I love fanless design. No worrying about dust, no fan noise, and one less moving part (fan) to have to worry about. Plus it helps when you live North of the Wall.

                                                          • Yeatzee Guitar
                                                            Yeatzee Guitar  3 weeks back

                                                            How the heck do they not have more than two graphic card options?!? 1660ti and RTX4000 does not cover much.

                                                            • J.D. Abbey
                                                              J.D. Abbey  3 weeks back

                                                              Banana for scale? Really?

                                                              • Denver Donate
                                                                Denver Donate  3 weeks back

                                                                For many years I used to upgrade my PC regularly but the value of everything I purchased seemed to drop like a brick the minute I made my purchase. I don't ever upgrade anymore unless I really require it.

                                                                • DerpyDumpling601
                                                                  DerpyDumpling601  3 weeks back

                                                                  It's magic...

                                                                  • Zackary Bennett
                                                                    Zackary Bennett  3 weeks back

                                                                    Something neat I saw- apples to apples cheaper than their Airtop 2 builds.

                                                                    • Rafael Coleto
                                                                      Rafael Coleto  3 weeks back

                                                                      Damn expensive, but very impressive!

                                                                      • Jarod Skaff
                                                                        Jarod Skaff  3 weeks back

                                                                        I would've liked this PC if the Graphics card had Dual Link DVI-D instead of display ports barfing up the alley.

                                                                        • donny dutchmen
                                                                          donny dutchmen  3 weeks back

                                                                          Why do they make these PC's so unrealistically expensive? If they want me to not build a PC myself, then give me a good financial reason for it. Maybe it's cooler, so what? And its on my desk.. so what difference does it make that it's smaller? I have no intentions of carrying it around. I know that maybe my complains are personally. But this thing has nothing better for me to offer than i could build myself, besides the temperature and size maybe. But that is absolutely not making me want to buy one. If they could do this in a laptop, yes!! That would be a big reason to buy one for me. I think they should have chosen the laptop market instead. Because that's the place where we really do need massive heat solutions!
                                                                          Indeed very impressive but a solution to a problem that does not exist.

                                                                          • Machine Mechine
                                                                            Machine Mechine  3 weeks back

                                                                            If you love it put a fan on it.

                                                                            • Reprisal
                                                                              Reprisal  3 weeks back

                                                                              Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

                                                                              • Holret
                                                                                Holret  3 weeks back

                                                                                6:46 And stop video and resume daily computer operations.

                                                                                • Diomedes Ignacio Domínguez Ureña

                                                                                  Please, review the Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540, specially the later.

                                                                                  • Jimbob 2Hats
                                                                                    Jimbob 2Hats  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Amazing, have been looking for something like this for aaaaages, was gutted when the inferno didn't go ahead - with the backing and proper (LTT etc.) community support they could hopefully start to bring the price down and really tap into the gaming market. You only really need the custom GPU (until we find out how to hack at home - new LTT vid?!) and CPU if you don't want to de-lid yourself. With dropping to the i7-9700 to save $200 and leaving the SSD, RAM and WiFi/BT to source yourself (for c. half the price) you can get a version with the Quadro RTX 4000 for $2,600 - now that's a tempting silent rig!

                                                                                    • Mike Soda
                                                                                      Mike Soda  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Still looks like a UPS lol.

                                                                                      • Envyy
                                                                                        Envyy  3 weeks back

                                                                                        For me to buy the airtop 3 I have to sell my dads $1000 gaming pc, my desk, my Xbox one and my mums hp laptop

                                                                                        • Mihnea Lazăr
                                                                                          Mihnea Lazăr  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Only a USB-C? That’s not cool

                                                                                          • txshon Tseng
                                                                                            txshon Tseng  3 weeks back

                                                                                            mac pro should be like this