UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (6.12.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • William Freeze
    William Freeze  1 months back

    Thanks for the full show!

    • Norwall Music
      Norwall Music  1 months back

      Cool channel

      • Gregory L
        Gregory L  1 months back

        Love Shannon. Great points that are well thought out and articulated in a logical manner. Skip, although quite intelligent also, is becoming unbearable with his hatred for Kawhi. I cannot think of any other pro sports pundit anywhere in the world that spews so much toxicity towards another athlete's playing career and character.

        • Jonathan Stearns
          Jonathan Stearns  1 months back

          No cap this show is better then first take 😂

          • Giffond Hall
            Giffond Hall  1 months back

            rob parker just jixned the raptors smh

            • Gregory L
              Gregory L  1 months back

              He did it on purpose...

          • John Ambriz
            John Ambriz  1 months back

            I believe the warriors can 3peat and Lebron will return to the finals next year 🙏

            • MRkriegs
              MRkriegs  1 months back

              Skip needs to stop this madness

              • dpotts003
                dpotts003  1 months back

                It’s awesome the way they put the times and topics in the visual so you can forward to whichever one you’re most interested in! Good job!

                • bigguccijohn
                  bigguccijohn  1 months back

                  Wait what happened to jenny

                  • Jay Bruh Ill
                    Jay Bruh Ill  1 months back

                    nobody else cares except you

                  • Reg Nash
                    Reg Nash  1 months back

                    France, covering women's soccer

                • No One
                  No One  1 months back

                  Literally no one:
                  Skip: HMM

                • anonomos
                  anonomos  1 months back

                  first shannon only on the TV, now we only get AUDIO?? C'MON NOW

                  • Ian Legg
                    Ian Legg  1 months back

                    MRkriegs he's not a regular lol.

                  • MRkriegs
                    MRkriegs  1 months back

                    what do you mean?

                • Vondiasu Fracara35
                  Vondiasu Fracara35  1 months back

                  Can somebody from San Antonio stop this guy from saying "MY SAN ANTONIO SPURS"

                  • geno mcmahom
                    geno mcmahom  1 months back

                    Com on skiiiiip

                    • lamar mikell
                      lamar mikell  1 months back

                      WHY IS SHANNON AWAY FROM THE STUDIO?

                      • Jay Bruh Ill
                        Jay Bruh Ill  1 months back

                        hes doing something in atlanta

                      • Dean Jace F10 550i
                        Dean Jace F10 550i  1 months back

                        His Family lives there and that's where he lived before he started this show..

                    • Jesse Avia
                      Jesse Avia  1 months back