Fight Us In Under Night While We Get Hyped For Evo 2019 | GameSpot Community Friday


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  • iSAW
    iSAW  3 days back

    This 7zip is one for the archives...

    • Henry Niemi
      Henry Niemi  4 days back

      Its rather sad to watch these clowns pretend they are excited about stuff they've been paid to advertise. Grow a pair or get out.

      • Dohan's Lair
        Dohan's Lair  5 days back

        I kinda wish I didn't get destroyed by zyskywalker. Man are they crazy good

        • Dohan's Lair
          Dohan's Lair  2 days back

          @zai2copy thanks lol. That had been my first time online and I hadn't fought a Phonon either. 😅😅

        • zai2copy
          zai2copy  2 days back

          I really need 2 change this name so you know it's meXD

        • zai2copy
          zai2copy  2 days back

          You were good yourself lol

      • PotatoIse
        PotatoIse  5 days back


        • DeBang Cool
          DeBang Cool  5 days back

          That special feeling when you actually hit the bottom of the comments

          • ZiN -
            ZiN -  5 days back

            Sadly didnt get a notification for this stream :/

            • ZiN -
              ZiN -  5 days back

              @Raymond McCloud yeah but watching a stream a bit more fun lol

            • Raymond McCloud
              Raymond McCloud  5 days back

              But, you're here my friend. And luckily, we've missed not a thing ;)

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