REALLY GOOD: My Ryzen 9 3900X and Ryzen 7 3700X Review and Benchmarks!


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  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme  2 weeks back

    Prices / conclusion 13:24
    3:50 Under load CPU Clock Speed (MHz)
    4:35 CPU Temps
    5:18 System Power Draw
    5:57 Cinebench R20 results
    6:45 CPUMark results
    7:11 CPUMark (Single-Thread) results
    7:44 Blender results (Splash Fishy Cat) - lower is better
    8:05 Blender results (BMW 27) - lower is better
    8:23 Adobe Premier 3min 4k h.264 40mbps Render - lower is better
    8:50 Handbrake 1.2.2 3min 4k to 1080 "Fast" Transcode
    9:17 V-Ray 4.10.07 Ksamples imagery rendering
    9:45 Corona 1.3 shading for production rendering - lower is better
    9:57 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra DX11 3840x2160
    10:38 3DMark Time Spy DX12 1920x1080
    - Actual Game Tests -
    11:21 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider 1920x1080
    11:38 Grand Theft Auto V 1920x1080
    12:19 Overall Compute Performance .. Compute Tests, vs 3900x
    12:52 Overall Gaming Performance .. Gaming Tests, vs 3900x
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    • Game Research
      Game Research  1 weeks back

      Please check out this playlist on Graphene, there are also other technology playlists, check the playlist description and click the "more" button to see more playlists.

    • Just ME Onlyme
      Just ME Onlyme  1 weeks back

      @Paul's Hardware Thanks! :)

    • Just ME Onlyme
      Just ME Onlyme  1 weeks back

      @magzire I watched it twice pausing every time stamp to get the second 'ok' :) Glad to help!

    • Shared Liu
      Shared Liu  1 weeks back

      most of the "reviewers" on youtube are also "content creators"... but most people here simply are "content consumers" or gamer.... adobe, blender, r15, r20 benchmark really means nothing for "content consumers" or gamers..... so why are reviewers so "self-obsessed" with their own needs? we don't make content... and simply don't give a damn about cpu benchmark that self-centered on content creation performance....

    • Game Research
      Game Research  2 weeks back

      @Paul's Hardware

      Hi Paul,
      You might want to do another set of benchmarks for the new AMD CPUs, AMD just released another Bios fix update.

  • Me and my Nikon D500
    Me and my Nikon D500  5 hours back

    Paul, thank you for adding Adobe altho it was video and not photography it has a bearing on my decision.

    • B14KSY
      B14KSY  9 hours back

      "there is no Dana, only Zool!"

      • Texan 214
        Texan 214  18 hours back

        Intel is irrelevant. Ryzen is the future. Back to AMD I go.

        • Jeffrey Photonboy
          Jeffrey Photonboy  2 days back

          *SMALL MISTAKE*
          Paul said the i9-9900K had eighteen cores when he was talking about the R9-3900x... he said "... twelve vs eighteen" and meant "..twelve vs eight" Somewhere near 5 minute mark.

          • Game Media Outlet
            Game Media Outlet  2 days back

            your camera quality is crazy... might i ask what dslr/mirrorless camera are you using, and what lens?

            • POTUS John H Eden
              POTUS John H Eden  2 days back

              Honestly should I buy a i7 9700k...or a ryzen 7 3700x...looking for a gaming and possibly streaming rig....i goofed and bought a msi 390 board before the ryzen launch now im thinking I probably shoukd have waited...

              • hikeskool
                hikeskool  3 days back

                Yikes, this is the best amd could do?

                Embarrassing 😬

                • hikeskool
                  hikeskool  3 hours back

                  @Philosophical Mind  yeah, everyone who watches these videos primarily plays games. So again, another amd failure.

                  As for "tiny fans", read up on how amd's inferior platform require Northbridge fans. Another amd failure.

                • Philosophical Mind
                  Philosophical Mind  4 hours back

                  @hikeskool it dominates only by 10% in games, a difference you wont notice, but you will notice the 40% in productivity :)
                  what do you mean by tiny fans?

                • hikeskool
                  hikeskool  6 hours back

                  @Philosophical Mind you would think amd would actually at least attempt to be superior in all aspects, but no. Another amd failure. At least in this round of benchmarks, Intel still dominates gaming.

                  Speaking of "cooking stove" (no idea what you think you meant by that), enjoy the mandatory tiny fans on the Northbridge of all these new motherboards. Yet another amd failure.

                • Philosophical Mind
                  Philosophical Mind  6 hours back

                  are you trolling? there is no reason to buy intel.
                  whats embarrassing is the cooking stove you have in your pc.

                • hikeskool
                  hikeskool  2 days back

                  @Zahir Datoo that doesn't make sense.

              • Phoenix MH83
                Phoenix MH83  3 days back

                3900x is cool and all, but you have to give the 9900k credit for have less threads and less cores and still hold it's own like this against the 3900x.

                • Jeffrey Photonboy
                  Jeffrey Photonboy  2 days back

                  Um, it's holding it's own only in applications that don't use all the threads the R9-3900x has. It's also worth noting that various software improvements are likely to close that gap over the next couple years. That includes Windows scheduling and using more Ryzen-optimized compilers for newer code... I'm frankly more impressed with the R7-3700x having the same core/thread count and being ALMOST as good on average but at a much lower cost (especially since you don't need to add CPU cooler cost).

              • toto
                toto  4 days back

                then sleep no one force u make a video.geez what a moron..

                • Justin Waloshin
                  Justin Waloshin  5 days back

                  Only 9% fast for the 3900x over the 2700x in adobe encoder?

                  • Дима Олиферчик

                    What are settings of freq.(Ghz) in cards 3700x and 9900k for single-thread cinebeanch r20? I need to understand which of them is better for WoW: BfA( cards: gtx 1080 or 2060 super or rx 5700xt) +16gb ram + 250 ssd. Thank you in advance :)

                    • glen herron
                      glen herron  5 days back

                      i would like to see you use the gigabyte x570 gaminig x motherboard, reason being its £182.98 compared to the gigabyte x570 aurus master £389.90
                      i always new this was going to happen intel prices boooooooo. no more cheap boards.
                      I wonder what intel users will have to face when intel brings out their 10nm cpu? if the above has happened to amd

                      • Sambhav Rakhe
                        Sambhav Rakhe  6 days back

                        Anyone wanna buy my i5 6700K from me? 😂 Need to buy me a 3700X 😍

                        • Ryan McGovern
                          Ryan McGovern  6 days back

                          Paul, can you tell us about backward compatibility to older mobos like the X370's with Ryzen Gen 3? I have an Asus Crosshair VI Hero and need to know if I can still use it. The googling hasn't been much help.

                          • vent trim
                            vent trim  6 days back

                            Ты че конч? Единственная игра которую ты протестил гта, а помимо прогнал в типичных тестах, без разгона, без исследования влияния частоты памяти на производительность.
                            Продажный питух

                            • Joe Mayer
                              Joe Mayer  6 days back

                              Amazon is price gouging these.

                              • Snowman
                                Snowman  7 days back

                                Intel division heads are sweating hardcore now. This AMD release is absolutely bananas, I'm really impressed!

                                • Arch Dornan
                                  Arch Dornan  7 days back

                                  So, the overall winner is 3700x imho

                                  • lifehackertips
                                    lifehackertips  1 weeks back

                                    Wish you had some 3600 benchmarks in there

                                    • Claudio Costantino
                                      Claudio Costantino  1 weeks back

                                      it.s possible to install 4x8gbyte g.skill Trident on gigabyte x570 motherboard?

                                    • Bluntlicious
                                      Bluntlicious  1 weeks back

                                      May be a little better at gaming but not gaming and doing anything at the same time xD

                                      • 柳柳州刺史
                                        柳柳州刺史  1 weeks back

                                        amd, sì

                                        • Matt LR
                                          Matt LR  1 weeks back

                                          how is the noise from that chipset fan? I'm coming here from a video with this same x570 motherboard where it seems the fan is stuck at max speed and still can't keep the chipset under 67 degrees.

                                          • Виталик ВВ
                                            Виталик ВВ  1 weeks back

                                            Can someone tell me in wich RPM was cooler in test?

                                            • kirostar12
                                              kirostar12  1 weeks back

                                              I think I will keep my 6700K for another few years. Not impressed AMD Gaming score. And mostly people are using there computers for Gaming. If you are looking for video or animation rendering no one of this CPU's are good. For that guys I recommend waiting for AMD 3950x.

                                              • Kelvin D.
                                                Kelvin D.  1 weeks back

                                                Definitely a win for AMD

                                                • Knossos22
                                                  Knossos22  1 weeks back

                                                  How much value should one deduct from Intel for security flaws?

                                                  • Shane Freeland
                                                    Shane Freeland  1 weeks back

                                                    I love it when big fat cats like Intel has to slash prices or take a profit loss in order to compete. The only thing I can imagine potentially more gratifying would be to see the clowns in congress take a salary cut. How great would THAT be?

                                                    • Xd_Krystalz
                                                      Xd_Krystalz  1 weeks back

                                                      When are you going to make an oc guide?

                                                      • Pedro
                                                        Pedro  1 weeks back

                                                        Thank God Nvidia doesn't do CPUs

                                                        • ARUN ROENGSUK
                                                          ARUN ROENGSUK  1 weeks back

                                                          So do I bye bye i7 3700k.

                                                          • ricky v
                                                            ricky v  1 weeks back

                                                            KUDOS to you Paul. Get that sleep with that new baby sir. You have had my respect and will continue to. I know the amount of work it takes to make a video. Even with help. :(

                                                            • az mothman
                                                              az mothman  1 weeks back

                                                              Holy sh*t.... Bye bye Intel.... Hello AMD. I still want to wait for the 3950x.

                                                              • Oak E Milam
                                                                Oak E Milam  1 weeks back

                                                                Will you make a quick video where you watercool the new Ryzen CPUs and test their overclock stability and performance? This would be very interesting to see!

                                                                • eMDe
                                                                  eMDe  1 weeks back

                                                                  I still wonder what will be like no 2x8 but 4x8GB? What will the performance and clock memory of 3600 look like for 4 dice?
                                                                  I have read such information and I want to verify it.
                                                                  Ryzen 3000 processors support RAM memory clocked up to DDR-3200. This corresponds to the fastest timing adopted so far by the JEDEC consortium, which includes all major memory and processor manufacturers, including AMD and Intel. AMD guarantees that the processor can work with such a speed memory:
                                                                  - DDR-3200 - if 2 memory modules are installed,
                                                                  - DDR-2933 - if 4 single-sided memory modules have been installed,
                                                                  - DDR-2666 - if 4 double-sided memory modules are installed.
                                                                  I want to buy 4x 3600 and if it slows me down to 3200 it will be fine, but below... :\

                                                                  • TheDarknessOfGames
                                                                    TheDarknessOfGames  1 weeks back

                                                                    9900k is better buy

                                                                    • Yousif Ezzo
                                                                      Yousif Ezzo  1 weeks back

                                                                      I have 4 sticks of ddr 4 3000mhz is this to slow for the 3800x? Doni need 3200mhz?

                                                                      • TankQ
                                                                        TankQ  1 weeks back

                                                                        3700 looks solid

                                                                        • Michael S.
                                                                          Michael S.  1 weeks back

                                                                          That 3700x looks really good for middle to upper road...kind of too expensive tho :/ can prob run that on a B350

                                                                          • apocalypseap
                                                                            apocalypseap  1 weeks back

                                                                            "small win" in single threaded Cinebench? You didn't even put them to the same speeds.. that's a huge win for Ryzen.

                                                                            • JBL NeXus
                                                                              JBL NeXus  1 weeks back

                                                                              3900x is 600 dollars here

                                                                              • Wraith6765
                                                                                Wraith6765  2 weeks back

                                                                                8:18 Paul: "The 3900x is almost 100% faster than the 8700K"
                                                                                Me: "The 3900x has 100% more cores/threads than the 8700K, so yeah, that's not an unexpected result..."
                                                                                Also, an edge in single-threaded performance doesn't explain the difference in your multi-threaded game performance tests...

                                                                                • DrSwoll
                                                                                  DrSwoll  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Is there any reason why noone is talking about Ryzen 7 3800X?

                                                                                  • TVAlien
                                                                                    TVAlien  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Seems to be just a higher binned 3700x. Not much to talk about. It also seems AMD didn't send them out to reviewers as compared to 3700x and 3900x.

                                                                                • Squiel
                                                                                  Squiel  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Nice comparisons. Can you compare the R7 3700x and the 3800x? I do not know if I should pay the extra 70 USD for the 3800x

                                                                                  • Kevin Campbell
                                                                                    Kevin Campbell  2 weeks back

                                                                                    The tomb raider games really don't like Ryzen for some reason. we saw the same problem with 1st gen Ryzen and Rise of the Tomb Raider it seems Shadow doesn't like Ryzen either.

                                                                                    • default 1990
                                                                                      default 1990  2 weeks back

                                                                                      0:26 yea can't wait for 5/5 (The next AMD die size on their roadmap)

                                                                                      • Misi
                                                                                        Misi  2 weeks back

                                                                                        That's nice, BUT, and there is a big BUT here. The new Ryzen CPU's really like fast ddr4 meories, the sweet spot is about at 3600 MHz but you can go higher for more performance. And the motherboards with B450 and even the X470 chipsets support mostly max 3200 MHz and some of them 3433 MHz memories. So you will be bottlenecked by the memory, more precisely by the chipset unless you pay an extra for the X570 and accept that probably you won't use the stuff you are getting with the X570 because one PCIe x16 slot is enough for video card, one or two PCIe x1 slot is enough for the additional cards, and PCIe 4.0 is nice but everything woul'd be the same with PCIe 3.0 too. So where are the motherboards with the B550 chipsets?! Because if you have to pay an extra 100-120 dollars for the motherboard, then there is no price advantage at AMD at all.