The Ridge Wallet: Is this the BEST wallet you can buy?


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  • Chrispy Things
    Chrispy Things   7 months back

    Is this the best wallet currently on the market? Or is it just hype?

    • Bare Foot Fishing
      Bare Foot Fishing  4 weeks back

      Fire alarm needs battery ! Beep ..... lol

    • Donovan Smith
      Donovan Smith  1 months back

      @so amazing thank you for your service and the sacrifice of you and your family It means more to me and others than you may realize! You're a true hero...! Also I just bought my first and probably last wallet I'll ever have to buy. The carbon fiber Ridge with a money clip cuz they're built with such quality and awesome materials. I absolutely love it. You're rite best investment ever. And again I thank you and pray nothing but blessings for you and your family in the name of Jesus!

    • so amazing
      so amazing  1 months back

      I own a ridge wallet and I've used it on deployment/Middle East. I love it, best investment ever.

  • 19 Minutes With The Nobody's

    Solid review. Change the batteries in your smoke detector 6:50 ish 😎

  • The Batman
    The Batman  13 hours back

    For a second I thought you were Christian Bale

  • Quincy Grim
    Quincy Grim  1 days back

    Why did you just creepily say "whatsss up?

    • Chrispy Things
      Chrispy Things   17 hours back

      Quincy Grim 🤘🏻

    • Quincy Grim
      Quincy Grim  17 hours back

      Lol fair enough my dude!

    • Chrispy Things
      Chrispy Things   18 hours back

      Quincy Grim Cuz I’m a creepy guy!
      Oh wait, that was a serious question. Because it wasn’t that creepy.

  • Michael Laughlin II
    Michael Laughlin II  1 days back

    I’ll stick with my trayvax ascent

    • Jeremy Brown
      Jeremy Brown  1 days back

      $72 and no way to store a spare key, insurance card, and other paper products? No thanks.

      • N N
        N N  2 days back

        Ig $72 for a wallet that’s probably costs pennies to make isn’t a downside

        • meow
          meow  2 days back

          The ridge is nothing more than a meme used by broke full-time youtubers who need that extra $500 in referral link money to afford this month’s rent and the latest games for their let’s play channel. Yikes.

          • meow
            meow  2 days back

            Chrispy Things oh mb. Wasn’t referring to you.

          • Chrispy Things
            Chrispy Things   2 days back

            meow really? I’ll inform my full time job of this new information. I’m sure they’d love to know. Thanks!!

        • Ray Bois
          Ray Bois  3 days back

          Anybody still have pockets on your pants/jeans?

          • Mikhael David
            Mikhael David  4 days back

            Ok I guess i ll have to be one of the ones to say this is bullshit.... especially for 70+ USD fucking rip off..... something made in china for 5 bucks being sold for 70+..... you got to be stupid to buy it.... Just my 2 cents

            • 12345soccerguy
              12345soccerguy  6 days back

              who wants their money hanging out like that? the traditional wallet is king.

              • Chrispy Things
                Chrispy Things   6 days back

                It’s no different than having your money in a traditional money clip that’s been around decades. I really don’t mind it

            • Dustin Mulligan
              Dustin Mulligan  6 days back

              I got a cheap version of this and it works perfect. Like $25 on Amazon for the Kingsman Royale wallet. There are a ton of options. This thing is overpriced.

              • Chrispy Things
                Chrispy Things   6 days back

                Dustin Mulligan yeah I know. I did a whole video about the knock offs. Thanks

            • Jon Russell
              Jon Russell  6 days back

              I got the burnt titanium. So far so good.

              It's not quite as fast as the fat trifold, but it's much smaller.

              Unintended moneyclip use, it works to clip on to a pocket and even if you're hanging upside down nothing is coming out.

              • bulo gotti
                bulo gotti  1 weeks back

                People really are saying 72 dollars for a wallet is to much? Damn man I'd spend 200 to keep my money and cards safe.. my Gucci wallet is 400

                • bulo gotti
                  bulo gotti  1 weeks back

                  @Chrispy Things I like it I'm curious on the titanium one too. I do armed security and I already have enough gear on me so.. this wallet would be perfect for my permits and ids and money. Thanks for the review.

                • Chrispy Things
                  Chrispy Things   1 weeks back

                  bulo gotti Thus was my first wallet review on my channel. I’ve reviewed many more after this and you’re right. 72 bucks is average for a modern wallet these days.

              • Mr.Guyton
                Mr.Guyton  1 weeks back

                I've had a slim clip for 10 years now and it definitely didn't cost 75 bucks. More like 35 and it still looks like it did the day I bought it. 75 is pricey but Im considering getting a Ridge. I like the design and it can hold more cards than my slim clip.

                • Jacob McFarland
                  Jacob McFarland  1 weeks back

                  Been thinking about getting it. I need that shirt.

                  • Jacob McFarland
                    Jacob McFarland  1 weeks back

                    Thanks. Didn’t think of that.

                  • Chrispy Things
                    Chrispy Things   1 weeks back

                    Jacob McFarland There’s a few places that have the shirt. Just type Cornetto trilogy shirt into google and it should pop up!

                • Aaron Stahlke
                  Aaron Stahlke  1 weeks back

                  eh, i'm sticking with my trayvax contour.

                  • Chrispy Things
                    Chrispy Things   1 weeks back

                    I just reviewed the Contour. I can’t argue with you there.

                • Milktraap
                  Milktraap  1 weeks back

                  I only bought it because Anthony Fantano threatened me to

                  • Tomasz Nowak
                    Tomasz Nowak  1 weeks back


                    • Henry Espinosa
                      Henry Espinosa  1 weeks back

                      I was about to buy a Ridge wallet but then hesitated in doing so because of its steep price of $75. If I had the chance of actually touching and seeing the wallet in person then I would probably buy one.

                      • Left Blank
                        Left Blank  1 weeks back

                        Needs the ability to carry emergency access thin car key. Saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

                        • Left Blank
                          Left Blank  1 weeks back

                          2 years later...... Ah, screws are loose, now where is that $%@%@# screwdriver........

                          • Robert Stair
                            Robert Stair  1 weeks back

                            Don't people still carry license registration and proof of insurance in their wallet? None of those would fit this

                            • Chrispy Things
                              Chrispy Things   1 weeks back

                              Robert Stair People should never carry registration and proof of insurance in their wallets. Was that ever a thing?? Even the police say always carry it in your glove box.

                          • A WHS
                            A WHS  1 weeks back

                            ACM Wallets are way nicer. Not as thin but a lot easier to access cards

                            • Chrispy Things
                              Chrispy Things   1 weeks back

                              A WHS Soooooooooo, the ACM wallet I carried for years. And I can tell you right now it is definitely not nicer than the Ridge. I can give you many reasons why.

                          • Ayrow
                            Ayrow  2 weeks back

                            Great review. Thanks. FYI - You need to set your camera to manual focus. The constant refocusing is annoying and distracting to your content. Subscribed.

                            • Chrispy Things
                              Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                              Ayrow way ahead of ya. I recorded this video a while back and since changed to manual focus. The gh5 sucks.

                          • DEVIL theGOAT
                            DEVIL theGOAT  2 weeks back

                            I’m 36 years old, a bit analog & I guess just sentimental but the first thing I look for in a wallet is a place to put pics off my kids & family.

                            • Tokyo Karl
                              Tokyo Karl  2 weeks back

                              Good review. I agree with everything you said. The money clip is really good.

                              • Bob O'Connor
                                Bob O'Connor  2 weeks back

                                I think it's too expensive. Call me just plain cheap but I'm not paying 70+ for a wallet.

                                • WideAwakeism
                                  WideAwakeism  2 weeks back

                                  Who puts cash in their wallet?
                                  My cash goes in my right, front pocket.

                                  • mintico snout
                                    mintico snout  2 weeks back

                                    Dont use their “push and fan the card” method. Just slide all the card sideway in such way that each card is seperated slightly. Take the card needed and then push them all clustered together and then push it back inside the ridge. I can do it usually in less than 2 seconds

                                  • THE GLORIOUS ERA
                                    THE GLORIOUS ERA  2 weeks back

                                    I bought a knockoff for much cheaper, it's great plus has the same materials as the ridge

                                    • Chrispy Things
                                      Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                                      THE GLORIOUS ERA Definitely not the same materials, but if you don’t mind that the knock offs are a good value

                                  • CarpRunner
                                    CarpRunner  2 weeks back

                                    The only reason I would buy a $115 wallet is if it could automatically deposit funds in my offshore Swiss bank account for my multi-faceted business conglomerate.

                                    • Chrispy Things
                                      Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                                      CarpRunner Sounds like a great “smart wallet” idea!

                                  • ULYSES J-A
                                    ULYSES J-A  2 weeks back

                                    Can you do a vedio of how many $1 dollar Bill's fit in the clip before maxing out for research perpuous

                                    • After Burner
                                      After Burner  2 weeks back

                                      I use My Pocket but the BELT CLIP on the side o this makes we want to carry them on my BELT. OR Maybe a HEAD Band and i can clip them on MY HEAD.

                                      • Dustin Bruce
                                        Dustin Bruce  2 weeks back

                                        I could be wrong, but I believe you're fanning them out wrong. I believe you're supposed to fan them out in the same fashion as youd hold a hand of cards in poker.

                                        • Dustin Bruce
                                          Dustin Bruce  2 weeks back

                                          @Chrispy Things I'll check it out for sure, thanks! 😁

                                        • Chrispy Things
                                          Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                                          Dustin Bruce Definitely. I’m welcome to all suggestions and your way is actually better. I’ve tried multiple ways to get the cards out easier and the poker style seems to work.
                                          I’ve actually recorded a video on the knock offs. Check it out if you get a minute. Thanks! 🤘🏻

                                        • Dustin Bruce
                                          Dustin Bruce  2 weeks back

                                          @Chrispy Things oh wow, wasn't expecting an actual reply lol
                                          I wasn't trying to like shit on your method or anything, I just noted how you mentioned it's kind of a pain to take them out, so I was suggesting the other method might work that issue out a little better. I'm personally a little to broke to buy that atm, but there is a knock off brand, if you will, that I'm looking at getting. Super hyped to try it out. Great video btw!

                                        • Chrispy Things
                                          Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                                          Dustin Bruce It’s a preference. You can do it both ways really.

                                      • derek knight
                                        derek knight  2 weeks back

                                        Those walleye have lifetime warranty

                                        • Michael Gonzalez Gonzo’s world

                                          Look into a maxpedtion wallet

                                        • Michael Gonzalez Gonzo’s world

                                          Good video but to much hassles

                                          • FireDramine7
                                            FireDramine7  2 weeks back

                                            I like how all of a sudden people are forgetting about the existence of coins

                                            • FireDramine7
                                              FireDramine7  2 weeks back

                                              @Chrispy Things Hmm I dont hate or love coins. I just think theyre still an important part of our everday life (at least in my country) and having wallets already remove this is stupid ass. Parking tickets, tips etc. all still require coins and its stupid Id have to carry them in my pockets. Its like the stupid trend to remove headphone jacks on phones when I have had so many situations where I was greatful I had a headphone jack.

                                            • Chrispy Things
                                              Chrispy Things   2 weeks back

                                              I’d love to forget coins. I hate carrying them. And here in the US, they’re almost extinct.

                                          • Cosmo John
                                            Cosmo John  2 weeks back

                                            Fair review.

                                            • M 6706
                                              M 6706  2 weeks back

                                              Your smoke alarm needs a battery.

                                            • MDAMD Travel Doc
                                              MDAMD Travel Doc  3 weeks back

                                              Great review. Thank you for taking the time to make it!

                                            • f m
                                              f m  3 weeks back

                                              How fitting, $72 with the symbolic screwdriver to accentuate the fact you got screwed with this purchase.......😏

                                              • Chrispy Things
                                                Chrispy Things   3 weeks back

                                                f m Gotcha. This is actually in the same price range as every other modern wallet I’ve discovered. Thanks for the comment

                                              • f m
                                                f m  3 weeks back

                                                Just seems very expensive for a card holder as I would never keep my cash on a simple clip. The fact that they include a screwdriver , that most of us have, just jacks up the price for no reason. Even at $50 without the screwdriver I still wouldn’t go for this, but to each his own. Reviews are great in that way , they can also guide you on what NOT to buy. That is all man.

                                              • Chrispy Things
                                                Chrispy Things   3 weeks back

                                                f m explain.

                                            • Angelic Warrior
                                              Angelic Warrior  3 weeks back

                                              Can't you just open the ridge when taking out a credit card ?

                                            • Randy Ennis
                                              Randy Ennis  3 weeks back

                                              Amazon sells the same thing for $15.

                                              • Chrispy Things
                                                Chrispy Things   3 weeks back

                                                Really? I didn’t know.

                                                Oh wait yes I did. I did a whole video about it!

                                            • Trill
                                              Trill  3 weeks back

                                              Pay 100 for cool looking wallet..

                                              .. Lose it

                                            • mskiUSMC
                                              mskiUSMC  3 weeks back

                                              Got it.... dogshit... I want looking to buy, just confirm my thoughts.

                                            • awakenosiris
                                              awakenosiris  3 weeks back

                                              Flipside Wallet is Better

                                              • Chrispy Things
                                                Chrispy Things   3 weeks back

                                                awakenosiris Flipside is awesome. I reviewed it a while ago.