Glee's Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison at 2010 Tony Awards


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  • Jordan Pearson
    Jordan Pearson  5 years back

    They are both fantastic!

    • Dayna Schlefstein
      Dayna Schlefstein  9 years back

      Oh no she's horrible T_T why would she do that, I love her style <3

      • gracielalalala
        gracielalalala  9 years back

        lea michele tried way too hard to copy the exact style barbara used in the orginal and it was obvious. that's why it was so awkward. if she had stuck with the way she sang it in glee, she would have destroyed matthew morrison (and spidey's) preformance, because that version has her own style and twist to it..but, no...she completely ripped off barbara. im a huge lea michele fan, but it irritates me when she does this stuff.

        • MauPictures
          MauPictures  9 years back

          Spiderman ate my heart! :D

          • jacklaniojack08
            jacklaniojack08  9 years back

            poor matt was so winded by the time he got to the end of the song, you can tell he was taking a lot of effot to get those notes out. (but the notes he got out were amazing)
            although this wasnt lea's best performance, it was simply WAY better than anything i can do for sure, and it was still lovely.

            • Catalina Espinoza
              Catalina Espinoza  9 years back

              when she began to sing: you´ll turn that bat sir....etc...with jon she was talking REALLY weird and i love her..but that was waaaayyy awkward

              • Ashley
                Ashley  9 years back

                I know this is supposed to be about Matthew and Lea, but spiderman was def showin his package off!! Ha ha ha!! Spiderman was awesome!

                • Vanessa Pimenta
                  Vanessa Pimenta  9 years back

                  Matthew Morrison <3

                  • pak larh
                    pak larh  9 years back

                    Matthew is so hot ! I just dont know where the sound's coming from. Its a 100% not lip-synch that i can guarantee. I don't really like the first part when Lea sang that song. The rest was mind blowing =D I prefer the Glee version.

                    • Karla Fda. Salazar Marioni

                      @Crittab you seriously dont know ANYTHING about BROADWAY!

                      • mvns909
                        mvns909  9 years back

                        I love how Lea Michele landed in Jonathan Groff's lap and he put his arm around her. (: Aaaaaah... his smile just kills me. And his little claps just after. Oh how I love those two since Spring Awakening. Their chemistry is just amazing. <3

                        • Anthonick
                          Anthonick  9 years back

                          @ImAfraidOfPaper yeah that was she was flirting with jay-z if u listen to the dat verse

                          • Dalton Bolton
                            Dalton Bolton  9 years back

                            I WANT LBB TO BE ON GLEE!!! SHE'D BE AMAZING!!!

                            • katie m
                              katie m  9 years back

                              Sean Hayes is soooo funny
                              Mathew is handsom
                              Michele has an amazing voice

                              • Crittab
                                Crittab  9 years back

                                I love me some Lea Michele, but she pretty much shouted that performance from start to finish. I wish she had some some more "singing".

                                • Adri J
                                  Adri J  9 years back

                                  If any of u insult Lea Michele and say shes ugly or she can't sing well I'm sorry but she kicked butt in that preformance and if u guys think thats not true I'd like to see u try pulling those songs she sings off.

                                  • vinícius bastos
                                    vinícius bastos  9 years back

                                    Yeah, so so... They are good, but wasn't a show stopping performance. Specially from Lea.

                                    • Maria Cristina Bautista

                                      Matthew Morrison & Lea Michele are totally AMAZING

                                      • Priscilla Alexandre
                                        Priscilla Alexandre  9 years back

                                        lmfaoooo spiderman <3 hahah hilarious, p.s. i luvvvv their voices like its fantastic imma gleek and soo proud lols

                                        • lau
                                          lau  9 years back

                                          Lea michele looks sooooooo different.

                                          • Kerry Mayers
                                            Kerry Mayers  9 years back

                                            @evebrielle shut up, you're choppy

                                            • Helen Dominic
                                              Helen Dominic  9 years back

                                              WOW OH WOW!!! Lea Michele is wonderful!

                                              • Emelaaij
                                                Emelaaij  9 years back

                                                @Julieulieana123, YES! i noticed that too!! But it didn't sound like he was lipsyncing. It's a mystery

                                                • Constanza Sanhueza
                                                  Constanza Sanhueza  9 years back

                                                  i love that girl, and is voice it's amazing

                                                  • Tze Lin
                                                    Tze Lin  9 years back

                                                    he prefer him singing old song than the modern ones he sound great with the more classic songs

                                                    • evab menudo
                                                      evab menudo  9 years back

                                                      CHOPPY , TOO CHOPPY , WHY SHE DO THAT ALL THE TIME? CHEATING WITH NOTE?

                                                      • Natznerdz
                                                        Natznerdz  9 years back

                                                        wow his dance :/

                                                        • rmac1128
                                                          rmac1128  9 years back

                                                          that was probably really easy for her. she's so damn good

                                                          • ning hui
                                                            ning hui  9 years back

                                                            haha when she put her arm around jonathan groff XD

                                                            • Freddy Morales
                                                              Freddy Morales  9 years back

                                                              2:21 nice ass xD

                                                              • Toni LaBozzetta
                                                                Toni LaBozzetta  9 years back

                                                                When she sang to Will Smith i almost diedd XD

                                                                • ricfern07
                                                                  ricfern07  9 years back

                                                                  Lea is really for the theater with the quality of her voice. I could have doubts on stage plays with her singing live. She looks under pressure and nervous but she pulled it off anyways. Her face is a cross-section of Barbra and Liza.....she's suited to Funny Gurl. Hurry up before age takes its toll.....and more confidence is needed!

                                                                  • y u mad
                                                                    y u mad  9 years back

                                                                    Lea was so intense....I don't know, I got scared a little. But she's still a badass singer mang.
                                                                    And LOL @ the spiderman LOLLL

                                                                    • dramagal19
                                                                      dramagal19  9 years back

                                                                      haha always good to see Jonathan

                                                                      • Ana Cristina Mokdeci
                                                                        Ana Cristina Mokdeci  9 years back

                                                                        These two artists are amazing! Mathew and Lea are the best I've seen in a while! Lea is the new Barbra Streisand! She's spectacular! I loved their performance! Thank God there are talents like them around!

                                                                        • Jaime Ng
                                                                          Jaime Ng  9 years back

                                                                          i would kill to have her voice.

                                                                          • Gabriela Oliveira
                                                                            Gabriela Oliveira  9 years back

                                                                            Lea as always amazing and surprising, now, about the comments earlier about Charice be coming ... I think Leah should not to worry she is a fantastic singer .. and I think Charice is not enough time to Lea.

                                                                            • aviscyrus
                                                                              aviscyrus  9 years back

                                                                              who is the woman who hosting the perfomances???

                                                                              • PhotographyLady
                                                                                PhotographyLady  9 years back

                                                                                I think honestly everyone loved it...Everyone seemed very happy n excited about both performaces. I saw a smile from everyone in the crowd. Fanstasico. Bravo & Brava to them both.

                                                                                • Sarah B
                                                                                  Sarah B  9 years back

                                                                                  That girl has a kicker of a voice. God I love that show!
                                                                                  The spiderman thing was hysterical lol.

                                                                                  • willyjane
                                                                                    willyjane  9 years back

                                                                                    Wow. Sean Hayes killed me with that spider-man thing. That was total genius!!!! But Lea Michele was seriously amazing. Good job.

                                                                                    • Dai1lest
                                                                                      Dai1lest  9 years back

                                                                                      Lea sang it best "Don't bring around the cloud to rain on my parade" leave Charice out of this we all know both of them can sing its your preference. Lea is beautiful and awesome. i dont understand why you guys are wasting your time posting something about someone that is not even related to this video. that and 2 weeetards miss'd the like button.

                                                                                      • Niamh Ní Hoireabhaird
                                                                                        Niamh Ní Hoireabhaird  9 years back

                                                                                        Beyonce looked astonished !!!

                                                                                        • karlitaam
                                                                                          karlitaam  9 years back

                                                                                          they're amazing!<3

                                                                                          • Thronic Games
                                                                                            Thronic Games  9 years back


                                                                                            • Kristin Nguyen
                                                                                              Kristin Nguyen  9 years back

                                                                                              i remember when he was Link from Hairspray on broadway!!!

                                                                                              • Jeremy Shum
                                                                                                Jeremy Shum  9 years back

                                                                                                @bearoze She IS a broadway star haha

                                                                                                • keida_yoko
                                                                                                  keida_yoko  9 years back

                                                                                                  im not so sure if he didntnotice lea coming from behind but 4:08 made me laugh. the old man kinda jumped in his seat.