Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

  • Published: 20 November 2018
  • Last balloon standing wins!
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    Comment: Panda woulda won if he played!

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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect   8 months back

    Stoked y’all like it!
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    • Brannan Porto
      Brannan Porto  1 days back

      I love you hello so much you’re my dad says two I always like your videos you’re never I’m sad you are so funny kind you make it

    • Upfront Gamer
      Upfront Gamer  1 days back

      Dude Perfect I guys should have another one of these but make a storm so no camping

    • Alexander Richardson
      Alexander Richardson  2 months back

      Hi my name is Alex And you guys are the best.😍 One thing Cody+panda you Guys are my idols!

    • Headz 123
      Headz 123  3 months back

      Need a part 2

    • Pierce Lambert
      Pierce Lambert  3 months back

      Great video. Looked like fun

  • Cuptuwerd
    Cuptuwerd  2 minutes back


    • Nick Parker
      Nick Parker  5 minutes back

      nice video
      cant wait for overtime 6

      • Apple Juice Productions
        Apple Juice Productions  25 minutes back

        Mr beast??

        • Juan Gutierrez
          Juan Gutierrez  2 hours back

          2:13 snipers in pubg

          • Vsn
            Vsn  3 hours back

            Any small youtubers who want to help each others out? ✨✨

            • Mahad S Khan
              Mahad S Khan  3 hours back

              Do airsoft battle royal 2

              • Pointless Vloggers
                Pointless Vloggers  4 hours back

                Let’s just remember that Cody still won even by popping his own balloon in the beginning

                • William Arkin
                  William Arkin  5 hours back

                  But they copied Mr.Beast

                  • Sha Ba
                    Sha Ba  6 hours back

                    can you please do a part 2 in battle royal.....

                    • Vibhav Boddu
                      Vibhav Boddu  9 hours back

                      what kind of bullets did you use

                      • Rod Royal-BR
                        Rod Royal-BR  13 hours back

                        That isn’t fair Cody is a camper

                        • Hollow knight Fan
                          Hollow knight Fan  13 hours back

                          Cody camped and 3rd partied

                          • MWHAAN
                            MWHAAN  14 hours back

                            join Maldives

                            • Fluffy_ Day
                              Fluffy_ Day  14 hours back

                              Fights with novricth!

                              • karam masry
                                karam masry  16 hours back

                                please make another version of battel royal its awsome

                                • William Tito
                                  William Tito  16 hours back

                                  This is so cool

                                  • killer 2010 1.0
                                    killer 2010 1.0  16 hours back

                                    Grea now im gonna do my party like rhat

                                    • xehanemdi lol
                                      xehanemdi lol  18 hours back

                                      i love this game you guy shoud do more

                                      • Carmen DiPietro
                                        Carmen DiPietro  21 hours back

                                        One thing I’ll love to do do what Cody’s doing

                                        • Erin Styles
                                          Erin Styles  23 hours back

                                          pt2 of this?

                                          • Dwagon
                                            Dwagon  23 hours back

                                            cough cough mr beast copy cough cough

                                          • Dai Dai
                                            Dai Dai  1 days back

                                            This looked so fun. I really wish I could do this one day 💯

                                            • Arcanjo Roh
                                              Arcanjo Roh  1 days back

                                              Music intro?

                                              • Lexi Ornelas
                                                Lexi Ornelas  1 days back

                                                Why is no one talking about coby in that suit 😂❤️

                                                • Christopher Rodrigues
                                                  Christopher Rodrigues  1 days back

                                                  This is my best dude perfect video

                                                  • Laurensia Mpesha
                                                    Laurensia Mpesha  1 days back

                                                    :D 3<

                                                    • ShockMusic
                                                      ShockMusic  1 days back

                                                      I have a channel as well. ROAD TO 50MILLIOM SUBS!!!

                                                      • Leventcan Sarı
                                                        Leventcan Sarı  1 days back

                                                        Türkçe 😛

                                                        • Panos Gaming & Adventures

                                                          Pub G is my favorite game you should do more

                                                          • Dr. Hikmat
                                                            Dr. Hikmat  1 days back

                                                            I like this game

                                                            • Brannan Porto
                                                              Brannan Porto  1 days back

                                                              😚😚😚😚🥰🥰🥰🥰😋😋😍😍😚😍😚😘😛😛🥰🥰😘😘😍🥰 I love your videos and I’m not having that much fun I always watch your videos I love your videos so much I always I always watch your name my dad thinks you are really funny because your time is super funnyYou’re so funny and you’re too awesome videos videos

                                                              • Platinum Lego Man
                                                                Platinum Lego Man  1 days back

                                                                I love playing this game

                                                                • MrHarmonicpawn
                                                                  MrHarmonicpawn  1 days back

                                                                  one like =Cody is a camper one comment= cody is the best

                                                                  • Francisco Manuel Fernandez

                                                                    que ganas de jugar a eso lpm

                                                                    • Upfront Gamer
                                                                      Upfront Gamer  1 days back

                                                                      These guys should have a second one of these but have a storm

                                                                      • Upfront Gamer
                                                                        Upfront Gamer  1 days back

                                                                        Tyler is like special ops meets Jason borne

                                                                      • Jack Murray
                                                                        Jack Murray  1 days back

                                                                        Anyone notice that at 1:17 It shows that Cody has three balloons in the bottom left corner but he really only has two ballons

                                                                        • Bub Bub
                                                                          Bub Bub  1 days back

                                                                          Hipity hoppity no one cares what year your watching this in ... boppity

                                                                          • Thuytien Hoang
                                                                            Thuytien Hoang  1 days back


                                                                            • AFKLO GAMING
                                                                              AFKLO GAMING  2 days back

                                                                              Cody CAMPEEER

                                                                              • Xx FSC FirstTryBoy xX
                                                                                Xx FSC FirstTryBoy xX  2 days back

                                                                                Can you a fortnite battle

                                                                                • Ризван Далаев

                                                                                  i like m39

                                                                                  • Nisa ARSLAN
                                                                                    Nisa ARSLAN  2 days back


                                                                                    • 4uDa4Ok
                                                                                      4uDa4Ok  2 days back

                                                                                      Та крыса он

                                                                                      • Felix Pohlmann
                                                                                        Felix Pohlmann  2 days back

                                                                                        So got

                                                                                        • hiền huynh
                                                                                          hiền huynh  2 days back

                                                                                          I love you

                                                                                          • war robots channel
                                                                                            war robots channel  2 days back

                                                                                            NOW THIS IS PUBG MOBILE NOT WITH NERF GUNS LOL