Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️


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  • GrandFactor
    GrandFactor  25 minutes back

    For every hair animation a pokemon and its evolution line was removed.

    • Kevika Wee
      Kevika Wee  1 hours back

      These traliers make pokemon seem worse and worse

      • SleepyMimikyu Shenanigans


          JOHN CERVANTES  2 hours back

          This changes absolutely nothing. Pokémon is THE largest grossing franchise in the world, topping Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and the MCU. They should be able to fit every existing 3ds model they have into 2 switch games. This should be a simple task when you're a billion dollar company and you have Nintendo AND Creatures backing you up. They put 800+ pokémon in sun & moon, plus mega evolution, z-moves and walking animations. What is the 3ds doing that the Switch can't? I know the Switch has its limits, but I doubt the national pokédex exceeds those limitations. By being lazy and not taking full advantage of what the Switch is capable of, they're making Nintendo look bad. We get to be angry and voice our opinions because in the end we, the customers, are the ones who decide wether or not a game succeeds. These are $60 games, how long do we have to settle for disappointment? Who wants to pay for watered down, dissatisfaction? Every generation of pokémon games has had every pokémon from every generation prior encoded into the game data, except for lets go. I really hoped that gen 8 would restore the order that go and lets go have disturbed and put my fears to rest... but the opposite is happening. Lately, it's been very hard (for me, personally) to maintain being a fan of pokémon. I'm very unimpressed. Their movies are crap, their games are lacking... everything that they pinch out of their assholes is lackluster, lately. Mewtwo strikes back EVOLUUUUUUTION does NOT need to exist at all. Go integration in sword & shield is completely unnecessary. Apparently, they thought they did something right with lets go. I still don't understand why they would feel the need to simplify an already extremely simple game like pokémon for the sake of casuals. The overworld sprites in the Wild Area are underwhelming, as is the background scenery. There's nothing too special about the Wild Area other than camera control, which is a simple feature that they could've implemented into the entire game instead of just one limited area. "Dynamaxing" and "Gigantamaxing" are sorry excuses for scrapping mega evolution. Even lets go had limited mega evolution... Those derpy excuses for pokémon games had mega evolution!!! AND FOLLOWING POKÉMON!!!! All sw&sh have going for them is the fact that there's going to be new pokémon and, for some odd reason, the new pokémon are being designed to replace existing pokémon (like Mareep) that won't appear in the Galar region. Skarmory and Honchkrow as well... they killed 2 birds with 1 Corviknight. Why is that? And why are they reusing the exact same 6 year old assets from sun & moon in sword & shield? And if they had to remake every model from scratch, why would they make them the exact same? They're reusing the same models and the same animations for pokémon AND trainers, the only difference being that they've been retextured. I thought they were cutting all of these things out of the games to make way for "higher quality animations". Graphically, I see no difference between gen 7 and gen 8. And a chinese bootleg mobile game should not look better than an official game on the Switch!!! If they weren't going to be innovative on the Switch, then they should've stayed on the 3ds a little longer instead of building up hype and expectations by saying that these games would be the "BOTW of pokémon". I really think Gamefreak needs to reevaluate their business strategy and get their priorities straight. Pokémon's potential is being wasted and these games are being rushed and botched because of the ignorance and idiocy of their developers. Pokémon "Sleep" is a gigantic waste of time, money and resources. It's a shame how epic and ambitious Pokémon Masters looks compared to sword & shield and it's just an app on your phone... It even has mega evolution and z-moves as well as new pokémon battle animations and even a new battle style. It would've been alot better if it was an actual spinoff game on the Switch that you could buy a physical copy of. It could've been compatible with pokémon home and could've been the answer to the national dex problem. That would've sold alot more units than lets go and the game's animated trailer would've made alot more sense. Gamefreak's priorities are all over the place but sadly not in the right places. They're focusing on mobile games because they are unable to make a real game with a lifespan longer than a year, due to a lack of content and drive. Switching their focus from the main series console games to mobile spinoffs because of pokémon go has resulted in a drop in quality in the main series. And lets not forget that "Town" is, somehow, their main priority above all and is the main contributor to this shortage of quality. Everything from the cards and merch to the movies, anime and everything in between, including the mobile games, ride on the back of the main games. They would not exist without them. This unwillingness to make advancements and improve upon things in the main series could affect the overall profitability of the pokémon franchise as a whole. Of course every pokémon game will sell nicely because there will always be a plethora of indiscriminate consumers with no standards ready to throw money at anything pokémon related but milking "nostalgia" and catering to genwunners and the younger, trend bouncing noob demographic can't get them by forever... Especially when sacrifices are being made in the process. If they cared more about creativity and innovation and if they were motivated by customer satisfaction and not money, they would achieve greater long-term success. But gamefreak's decision to limit the pokédex for their own convenience and them giving priority to "original" titles and putting pokémon on the backburner, (as if pokémon isn't what made them what they are today), tells me that they don't care about their fans or the product. The only thing they care about is how much crap they can push out each year to make the most money they can in the fastest, cheapest and simplest way possible. Even if it means cutting corners. They are a money driven corporation, who throw quality and real fan service out the window. No one can convince me otherwise.

          • jazznomad
            jazznomad  3 hours back

            This game looks like such trash. Every reveal it gets worse.

            • Maple Miles
              Maple Miles  2 hours back

              jazznomad more like the other way around from the likes of the video it shows more people are factually hype for the game

          • Nonya Bisnis
            Nonya Bisnis  5 hours back

            It would be nice if those Gigantimax forms were, you know, regular evolutions that lasted more than three turns and would get carried over to the next generation

            • Nonya Bisnis
              Nonya Bisnis  5 hours back

              you know when you see a mega evolution for a fakemon and you think "why don't you just add that as the regular evolution it would make more sense". That's how these feel (Except Corviknight which could just be a Mega Evolution)

          • Michael R
            Michael R  7 hours back

            All this just to say they buffed Megas with all new power moves, but at the same time nerfed them by making them only usable for 3 turns. Greeeeat gimmick. Totally worth not having all my old pokemon and shinies through a service I still would have to pay for.

            • XxJoeyxX
              XxJoeyxX  7 hours back

              The description of this video be like:

              ✅ New Pokémon
              ✅ Galar Pokémon League
              ✅ New Gym Leaders

              ❌ The National Dex

              • P S
                P S  8 hours back

                You have still so much time to release. Please add some animations for Pokemon at wild area playing together and flying type for example eating berries from trees. Make this world live if you can't make beautiful graphics. I know you can do it :)

                • Ayan Pro
                  Ayan Pro  9 hours back

                  You better Mack this game to tablets

                  • David J Thomson
                    David J Thomson  10 hours back

                    Can we please get one, JUST ONE, dark type gym leader in this generation!

                    • Chris the Dark
                      Chris the Dark  10 hours back

                      Am I the only one who thinks Gigantamaxing is a rip off of mega evolution
                      They might as well put mega evolution in the game and have mega evolved Pokémon Dynamaxed

                      • AbsoluteAlpha
                        AbsoluteAlpha  10 hours back

                        Pokemon doesn't feel like Pokemon anymore.

                        • Zac A
                          Zac A  11 hours back

                          They are running out of good ideas. New Pokémon have been getting more and more ridiculous.

                          • BLAZIN POKEMON
                            BLAZIN POKEMON  11 hours back

                            Long time pokemon fan i grew up getting pokemon yellow for easter.. The games were a major part in my childhood along with the cards i have played every single game and own almost all of them i just hope this game dont blow it man for outrageous new pokemon that dont look like pokemon looks like there getting kinda wild with the looks... So fingers crossed man✌

                            • Maple Miles
                              Maple Miles  2 hours back

                              BLAZIN POKEMON oh it's going t be a awesome game trust me

                          • Rionaltair
                            Rionaltair  11 hours back

                            The more I watch, the more I hate it.

                            • Foxes
                              Foxes  11 hours back

                              What about it do you hate?

                          • Emerald 66
                            Emerald 66  11 hours back

                            Bring back national Dex

                            • Lambo-chan
                              Lambo-chan  11 hours back

                              When making a Pokémon game, make us wait instead of doing a rush job.

                              • Jack F
                                Jack F  11 hours back

                                you know what no national pokedex means? it means im NOT BUYING THIS GAME

                                • Juan Vargas
                                  Juan Vargas  11 hours back

                                  Baseline O.P. !

                                  • spooky soup
                                    spooky soup  11 hours back

                                    Am I the only one who doesn't like the way this game is looking so far? Like I love Pokemon but this is getting a little wack. Dynamax (thanks foxes) is just essentially mega evolution with no change in Sprite. I hope something good happens soon

                                    • spooky soup
                                      spooky soup  37 minutes back

                                      @Foxes shit yea my bad LMFAO

                                    • Foxes
                                      Foxes  9 hours back

                                      @spooky soup Are you talking about dynamax?
                                      Cause gigantamax they completely change, like the cream turning into a cake

                                    • spooky soup
                                      spooky soup  9 hours back

                                      @Foxes right but so slightly that the Sprite is only glowing. Idk. It just feels like a cop out. The graphics are not next gen either and they have had more than enough time to execute an amazing game but the world looks vapid and empty

                                    • Foxes
                                      Foxes  11 hours back

                                      They do change form for gigantamaxing

                                  • mario plays
                                    mario plays  11 hours back

                                    I disappointed that some Pokémon won’t be In it

                                    • dollface fate
                                      dollface fate  11 hours back

                                      'Classic' my eye.

                                      • Hoyt-4
                                        Hoyt-4  12 hours back

                                        I'm getting an ad blocker. Someone hit me up when they make up for this game.

                                        • redking36
                                          redking36  8 hours back

                                          You know companies have to pay for companies to watch ads, right? Nintendo loses more money if you watch the ad than if you get Adblock.

                                      • Brady Kaddy
                                        Brady Kaddy  12 hours back

                                        So why can’t Pokémon follow you again kinda confused

                                        • Blazeblitz
                                          Blazeblitz  12 hours back

                                          U BETTER ADD FURRET BECAUSE A CHANMEL HAS IT A LOT AND IT HAS 200000 SUBS

                                        • awesomeness beyond
                                          awesomeness beyond  13 hours back

                                          1:34 The new Godzilla movie looks great

                                          • redking36
                                            redking36  8 hours back

                                            That Pokémon looks kind of like a spectrobe.

                                        • Golden Flower
                                          Golden Flower  13 hours back

                                          I’m gonna be honest I just want a new Mega Evolution and a good story. That’s it.
                                          I don’t care about the designs anymore, I don’t care about the gimmicks... I care about the National Dex getting cut, but honestly if they don’t have well-made characters and a VERY well-made story, I might become a genwunner for all the generations before 8.

                                          • MaD LaD
                                            MaD LaD  13 hours back

                                            Chairman looks like mick blue

                                            • Luismael Hernandez
                                              Luismael Hernandez  13 hours back

                                              I can’t wait

                                              • Kyle Sullivan
                                                Kyle Sullivan  13 hours back

                                                Looks underwhelming at best. Nintendo remaster all the other generations until your team has coherent idea for the new games.

                                                • showtime 17
                                                  showtime 17  13 hours back

                                                  I love Pokemon

                                                  • Tsunami Maru
                                                    Tsunami Maru  14 hours back

                                                    Also please someone tell me if mimikyu is going to be in both sword and shield.

                                                    • Tsunami Maru
                                                      Tsunami Maru  11 hours back

                                                      @Capone Bege NOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE LET IT BE IN BOTH GAMES!!!!!!

                                                    • Capone Bege
                                                      Capone Bege  11 hours back

                                                      Probably since it doesn't have a counterpart but if it's a exclusive then it would be Shield.

                                                  • Tsunami Maru
                                                    Tsunami Maru  14 hours back

                                                    I’m curious if type null will be in this. If it is someone tell me

                                                    • 0KillExpert
                                                      0KillExpert  14 hours back

                                                      So yu gi yo ? Next they gonna make u roll the poke balls on top of cards next thing u know we playing bakugon

                                                      • Oasis Flurry
                                                        Oasis Flurry  14 hours back

                                                        That'd new. A gym split. Before I was unsure that if I got the game I'd get shield, now it's definite as I can use allister as a joke as that name has relevance to my life.

                                                        • Dane White
                                                          Dane White  14 hours back

                                                          At this point, they should write the national dex extermination into the game.

                                                          *insert Thanos joke here*

                                                          • Nolan Oberski
                                                            Nolan Oberski  14 hours back

                                                            Dex controversy aside, Game Freak should is the most inept AAA-budget developer when it comes to coding. They've made the same game since X and Y, yet failed to tweak/optimize anything. idk how Masuda and his team aren't embarrassed.

                                                            • Kashden kempf
                                                              Kashden kempf  14 hours back

                                                              So for the legendaries it's either a tank or a glass Cannon I guess I mean sword and shield Aegislash

                                                              • Kashden kempf
                                                                Kashden kempf  14 hours back

                                                                Wonder who the champion is

                                                                • Kashden kempf
                                                                  Kashden kempf  14 hours back

                                                                  Cannot wait

                                                                  • Ezzyth
                                                                    Ezzyth  14 hours back

                                                                    People are so focused on finding the bad parts of sword and shield that they're ignoring the good parts.

                                                                    • SG_Skrt
                                                                      SG_Skrt  15 hours back

                                                                      I better be able to catch the 3 lake guardians or I'm not buying this game there's so many things they need to fix

                                                                      • SG_Skrt
                                                                        SG_Skrt  14 hours back

                                                                        @Allstars Draft I need them guardians boi

                                                                      • Allstars Draft
                                                                        Allstars Draft  14 hours back

                                                                        WhY yOu GaTtO Be So RuDe?

                                                                    • Andrew Klismith
                                                                      Andrew Klismith  15 hours back

                                                                      Mega evolution was better. Should have just kept it. Also there is no way you can put the Nintendo quality seal on this game in it's current state. The graphics are 3ds with better resolution. Do the right thing Nintendo. Delay it and fix it.

                                                                      • Lucas Joss-Thompson
                                                                        Lucas Joss-Thompson  15 hours back

                                                                        Has Nintendo seen what's come out of this already? tbh I'm not comfortable playing the new game because it feels super claustrophobic

                                                                        • imperfect gaming1234
                                                                          imperfect gaming1234  15 hours back

                                                                          I hate
                                                                          it no national dex no mega evolution no regular gym leaders have a feeling if they keep making Pokemon games like this the franchise is going to die out I do like some in the new Pokemon I'm not going to lie

                                                                          • Erlend Kaarbø
                                                                            Erlend Kaarbø  15 hours back

                                                                            Game Wrack can’t have all Pokémon, Mega Evolution, or Breath of the Wild graphics but,.....
                                                                            They can have Gigantamax (that sounds childish) which is a pure copy of Totem-Pokémon + Mega Evolutions and Version Exclusive Gym Leaders WHICH NO ONE ASKED FOR!

                                                                            • Erlend Kaarbø
                                                                              Erlend Kaarbø  9 hours back

                                                                              @Allstars Draft PFFFFFT Hate is in the majority of the Pokémon Comunity.
                                                                              Masuda has become a senile anus with "so good knowledge" who does make some good changes in the present but much more worse changes almost no hardcore Pokémon fan likes.

                                                                            • Allstars Draft
                                                                              Allstars Draft  14 hours back

                                                                              Stop hating and start thinking. Hate is for assholes and knowledge is for the ones who wants to make changes.

                                                                          • Rigor Mortis
                                                                            Rigor Mortis  15 hours back

                                                                            I’m ashamed that I’m actually buying this game. I haven’t played any main series game since Pokémon crystal. I’m disappointed that there will be missing half of the Pokémon.